About Me


I'm 30 years old. I have a wonderful 8-year-old daughter, an amazing wife, and a couple of pups. I'm a hunter--pheasant hunting with my wirehair is my favorite. I enjoy a good pick-up game of basketball and I bleed Green and Yellow. Go Pack Go!

Why I'm running

I'm running now because I believe in Wisconsin. I believe in the citizens of Wisconsin and I believe that liberating innovation and creativity in the individual is the best path forward for the success of Wisconsin. Too long Madison has held the interests of their cronies over the citizens of Wisconsin. That stops with me.

Why Vote for Me

By voting for me, its more than a vote for David Lautenschlager. It's a vote for every individual in Wisconsin. I have sweat and bled working for Wisconsin all my life. I've worked the soil and I've built homes. I am you. When you suffer, I suffer. When you succeed, I succeed. I do not sacrifice my principles and I finish projects. That's something Wisconsin needs.